20 Examples Of Great Dissertation Titles Related To English Literature

A title is the first thing that people see when they open your dissertation. It’s the thing that helps other people distinguish your work from all the others. It means that you need to work hard on the title of your English literature project to make it informative, attractive, and clear enough.

Composing a Title

If you are into creating a title on your own, do some brainstorming. It will help you reveal the ideas that you have in your head. Sometimes, such a method gives excellent results.

In case you feel that it’s a poor idea to invent a title on your own, resort to libraries and the Internet. There, you can find numerous interesting samples that will keep you inspired. At least, if you see a nice title and like it most of all, don’t copy it off. Just recompose it in such a way that it becomes unique (still sounding good) and use it for your work.

After all, you can always turn to professionals for help. Contact this agency and see what they can do for you. Maybe, you’ll want to have certain parts of your project written by them.

Below, there are several suggestions that you can use if you like.

  1. Images of Gentiles in the English literature. Their representation and functions.
  2. Images of the clergy in English medieval literature.
  3. Motifs and ideas of millennialism in English literature.
  4. Images of faeries and elves, and their functions in works that belong to different genres.
  5. The New Testament motifs in the ancient poem Dream of the Rood.
  6. The Old Testament motifs in John Milton’s poem Paradise Lost.
  7. Features of the pagan and Christian world outlook in Beowulf.
  8. Beowulf as a perfect protagonist and a perfect hero.
  9. Good and evil in the ancient Anglo-Saxon picture of the world.
  10. Time and space in ancient English epic poems.
  11. The idea of the world and a hero in Anglo-Saxon heroic epos.
  12. The motif of fighting a dragon in ancient English literature.
  13. Canterbury Tales as an encyclopedia of genres.
  14. The chivalric romance as a code of honor for medieval English knights.
  15. The destiny of the chivalric ideas and Arthurian legends in the English literature after Thomas Malory.
  16. The system of morality norms in the Robin Hood cycle.
  17. The love and its place in English and Scottish folk ballads.
  18. Love and tragedy in English and Scottish ballads.
  19. Utopia by Thomas More and the experience of totalitarian rule in the 20th century.

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