The Top 25 Strong Dissertation Topics To Discover

The most difficult part for students is to choose a winning title for their work. This is not only the case with students but professionals and artists feel an urge to create a strong topic that can define the overall theme of the work and build interest of the audience. Sometimes, a writer would go ahead and complete the first draft of his novel without finalizing the topic. They are not sure where they are heading with their work and what might come up in the middle so they leave the topic selection for the end. Even if you decide to use this approach, it is recommended to narrow down your subject and have a certain area to talk about. You can identify an area and address a problem in that specific area. When you have a problem to address, you can choose a rough title and start writing your paper. With the research and future direction, you will find the hint of where is your paper headed. You can then edit and rephrase your topic. You should not start blunt because the direction of your dissertation depends upon your initial topic. Choose anything to begin with and you can then edit it later

To give you some ideas, consider looking at the following suggestion to create a winning dissertation topic for your university

Topics for dissertation that can be a great start

  1. The relationship between bullying and bad parenting for the victim and the doer
  2. The case of increasing divorce rates in the united states of America
  3. The problem with students not able to concentrate on their academic tasks due to ADHD
  4. Planning a merger or acquisition in a food manufacturing industry
  5. Why is land mafia going stronger and what should one do if he suffers from such a case
  6. The relationship between marriages and financial condition of both partners
  7. The increasing case of obesity is a threat to the modern world
  8. The life of John F Kennedy, in a nutshell
  9. Are artists the first persons to sense a war or political disruption long before it begins
  10. Who is responsible for global warming, man or nature
  11. Is global warming a real issue
  12. The polio conspiracy theory
  13. The case of UFO’s
  14. Life on Mars
  15. Planet Earth
  16. Endangered species
  17. The White Tiger
  18. Existentialism
  19. Sufism
  20. Organic chemistry
  21. Monotheist God
  22. Polytheist God
  23. Economics and Ancient Egypt
  24. Pyramids of Gaza
  25. The statue of liberty Great tricks for writing a dissertation