Best Topics For A Dissertation In Economics

Economics is one of the fields that have been studied from very long time ago. It involves studying how to use the minimal resources to satisfy unending human demands. Economics enables individuals to use their resources on only what is important and save the rest for better use. Research in the field of economics has gone on the rise. These all is in the spirit to improve human life. The following are some of the topics that need to be researched on.

  1. A research investigating how local culture can shape entrepreneurial action regarding the different approaches to business.
  2. What is the role emigration in exporting entrepreneurial culture? What is the role of emigrants in introducing new entrepreneurial cultures?
  3. What are the differences in entrepreneurial behavior in the urban and in the rural areas?
  4. A research on the impact of the local culture in promoting regional innovation networks.
  5. An investigation on the causes of regional divergence. Analyze the richest and the poorest regions in the place of interest.
  6. What are the factors that facilitate knowledge transferee in a specific area? Start by stating the importance of knowledge in improving the economy.
  7. What is the role of social networks in supporting innovation?
  8. A research on the role of families in funding the start up of firms.
  9. How do habits and common activities affect productivity?
  10. Relationship between transaction costs and economic development.
  11. How does job experience relate to entrepreneurship?
  12. What are the educational aspects of entrepreneurship?
  13. Research on latent entrepreneurship. Compare two regions.
  14. What is the role of bureaucracy in productivity?
  15. What is the effect of mergers in productivity?
  16. The impact of regional policy on small and medium enterprises.
  17. What is the effect of size on firm productivity?
  18. A microeconomic approach to energy market in a particular area.
  19. What is the effect of interest rates in consumption
  20. The forces behind salary inequality in a particular area of interest.
  21. What is the relationship between salary levels and economic convergence?
  22. The effect of inflation on firms profits.
  23. The relationship between economic growth and unemployment.
  24. What is the relationship between profit and regional development?
  25. What is the impact of infrastructure and regional development?
  26. The role of technology in development of specific regions.
  27. A research on entrepreneurship and unemployment.

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