The Graduate School Dissertation Format: 7 Tips For Students

Writing your dissertation is probably the most difficult thing that you will have to do during your education. It will take weeks before you can say that you have something acceptable, and much more until you can say that everything is perfect. Indeed, you have to complete every step of the process in professional way, including the editing and formatting. Take a look at these 7 tips to get an idea of what you should do:

  1. Make sure that the composition looks “clean”. This means that you should not have any obvious mistakes or marks on your pages. If you made a mistake and you already printed your project, don’t correct it with a pen. Just print the paper again in good way.
  2. Use the same font everywhere. Using different fonts is not acceptable. The only exception is when you use words from another language. In this case, you can use an italic font to emphasize the word. This rule also applies to the title and footnotes.
  3. Don’t use a big font. The letters have to be big enough for anyone to read them, and small enough to look professional. Don’t try to fill the pages with a big font to make your text look longer; it will be obvious for your professor that you are trying to cheat him.
  4. Include footnotes only when necessary. These should not be too long (one or two lines is acceptable) and they should definitely not be present on every single page. It will make the text look crowded and difficult to read.
  5. Keep enough space between paragraphs. Usually, one space is enough between them, but you might have to leave more if you are separating two chapters. Also, if you are introducing a list or chart in your text, leave space before and after it.
  6. Create a professional title page. This is very important for such a project. On the title page you will write the title, the name of the course, the name of the supervisor and the date. Occasionally, other details are accepted as long as your professor is fine with this.
  7. Make sure you use page numbers. This will be extremely helpful if the reader wants to find a certain information quickly. He will just look at the outline and find the page that he needs. Great tricks for writing a dissertation