Picking Tourism Dissertation Topic: Clever Suggestions

Tourism is very popular nowadays. People travel all over the world to visit particular places of interest. This makes tourism a good subject for a dissertation. There are many different topics that you may focus your study on. If you cannot come up with a proper topic by yourself, you may choose one from the list of clever suggestions below.

  1. The influence of the Internet on tourism.
  2. The Internet allows people to buy tickets for trains and planes or make hotel reservations using their computers or mobile phones. How does this affect travel agencies and the tourism industry?

  3. Reasons to visit dark tourism sites.
  4. Dark tourism is about visiting sites that are related to cruelty, disaster, and grief. Do your research and discuss in your dissertation what drives people to visit such places.

  5. Eco-hotels.
  6. Nowadays, eco-tourism is very popular. Often, people who visit eco-sites want to stay in eco-friendly hotels. Do your investigation to find out what requirements such hotels should meet.

  7. Traveling tastes.
  8. People from different countries tend to have different traveling tastes. Compare the tastes of Americans with, for example, Germans in your work.

  9. Marketing plans for dark tourism sites.

    Dark tourism sites differ a lot from the majority of places that tourists usually visit. Discuss in your work what marketing techniques should be used to attract more people to such places.

  10. Budget hotels.
  11. Not all tourists can afford to stay in luxurious hotels. However, budget hotels sometimes have service of an excessively low quality. Discuss in your work what tourists should expect from budget hotels and what minimum requirements hotels should meet.

  12. The Olympics.
  13. The Olympics is a great event that attracts huge numbers of tourists from all over the world. Discuss in your dissertation what the best ways to deal with this are. Give examples to prove your arguments.

  14. Natural disasters.
  15. Do your research and write about the effects of natural disasters like hurricanes or tsunamis on tourism destinations. How long does it take for tourists to return to these sites?

  16. Perception of food.
  17. Visiting other countries, tourists often eat food that they aren’t used to. This can lead to digestive problems. Should tourism areas have some places where tourists can eat something related to their native cuisine?

  18. Domestic tourism.
  19. The United States have plenty of sites for tourists to visit. Investigate in your dissertation whether Americans travel a lot around the country or if they prefer to visit other lands as tourists?


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