Compelling PhD Thesis Topics On Operation Management

Management itself is an extremely coveted stream of study. Many students, after completing a master degree course on management, opt for pursuing Ph.D. on a particular area of management- an area they want to specialize in.

Operations Management is the field of management that primarily deals with the design and control of productions. It also concerns the redesigning of business operation in the production of goods and services. It is a sought after subject that students follow for Ph.D. It opens a wide range for preparing thesis on its various areas, making it all the more intriguing.

  1. The History of Operations Management
  2. Traced back in the year 5000 B.C in ancient Sumer, the history of Operations Management is a topic that beckons wide research. The stream of study has evolved through the ages and it can be a vital topic for preparing thesis.

  3. Market Study on Customer Requirements
  4. The main root of management lies in the demand of customers. A thorough research on the demand of customers and market survey is required. That, of course, calls for a thesis presentation as well.

  5. The Relationship between Operation Management and Senior Management
  6. Understanding the relationship between Operation Management and Senior Management is extremely important. Preparing a thesis on that will help future students as well.

  7. Policies regarding Production
  8. Forming certain policies about what to produce and how much to produce is imperative after a proper market research.

  9. Application of Mathematics
  10. Mathematics and Operation Management are interrelated subjects. There are various Mathematical theories that can be utilized for determining facts and figures under Operation Management. Writing a thesis on mathematical modelling is quite a valid as well as interesting thing to work on.

  11. Safety in management
  12. There are a few safety policies and guidelines that every management team should follow, failing which would increase certain risk factors. Ph.D. students should definitely work on it.

  13. Production Systems
  14. Production Systems form the root of Operation Management. Every Ph.D. student should compulsorily have a vivid idea about it. Preparing a thesis on this will not only allow the student to develop clear views but also aid future students.

  15. The Role of Journals
  16. Journals like ' Operations Research', ' International Journal of Operations & Production Management', ' Manufacturing & Service Operations Management' etc. have played an important role in spreading awareness and boosting up a student's interest and helping in their studies.

These are the important areas that a student must cover and concentrate on. Ph.D. thesis on any of these topics would be of great value in today's world. Every student, however, should pay utmost attention on innovation and always try to have a streak of uniqueness in his or her thesis. Great tricks for writing a dissertation