How To Start Writing Your Dissertation: Guidelines For Beginners

Once students have actually started their dissertation, the work seems to flow smoothly as the student compiles research and makes their outline. For many students, the hardest part of writing is getting started. To make this process a little easier, students should use the following guidelines for beginning their work.

Find Books About the Subject

As long as the student has a general idea about the topic that they want to cover, they can go ahead and start the researching process. Students should find books that cover the entire subject area so that they can get the best overview possible. As the student reads their books, they should take notes about specific topic ideas, research materials or quotes that they will want to use later on.

Choosing a Thesis Statement

Once the student possesses some background knowledge about the topic, they can begin to construct the thesis statement. The thesis statement may change later once the student has actually written their dissertation, but they need to create a working thesis to begin with. After the thesis statement has been made, the student should get it check by their adviser to make sure that it will be accepted by the academic committee.

Form the Literature Review

While the student is still in the researching stage, they should begin to make the literature review for their dissertation. This section of the document does not put forward an argument or contribute to the thesis statement. Instead, it basically covers the current state of the field and the information that has already been written about it. Since this is section is closely linked to the research, it makes sense for the student to do it while they are still in the writing process.

Make an Outline

To make the writing process a little easier, students should always make an outline. With an outline, the student will know if they need to find more information or cut parts of their argument out before they ever have to actually start writing. In addition, the student can include the quotes and data that they plan on using in each paragraph so that they do not have to search for it while they are writing.

Set Goals

To stay on track, students should set goals for each part of the dissertation process. This will help to break the process into manageable pieces. Additionally, it will ensure that the student stays on track for the due date of their project. Great tricks for writing a dissertation