A Selection Of Expressions To Use While Composing A Dissertation Abstract

In this sense, it all depends on the academic writer’s own, unique motivations for putting together his or her dissertation. It will, of course, also be influenced by the subject and/or research material. On the side of literary writing, thanks due to the student or academic’s extensive research, reading and writing experience, whether formal or creative, the list of expressions that could be used are endless.

This short tutorial guide introduces those students new to the statement of both expressions of interest and the dissertation abstract with short, explanatory notes. It will not be providing a list of expressions to use (as this letter’s title has alluded) but will be necessarily motivating and encouraging the stimulatory process forward.

The expression

During both the drafting and research stage, this can be considered food for thought. Expressions of interest and objective prepping can be included in written work long before the final paper has been produced.

The abstract

This is commonly a short, summarized statement, usually briefly outlining what the research writer is proposing to outline in his or her body of work. Also, it can be found at the foot of paper wherein acknowledgements, and key referencing sources can be mentioned.

Two suggestions on how to structure the dissertation abstract

  • In the interest of form, structure and adhering to faculty and/or academic conventions, it is recommended that the paper format for this abstract be confined to a double-spaced page of no less than three hundred words.
  • Be reminded that the abstract is necessarily and conventionally short. But, utilizing practiced writing skills, it is indeed possible to be expansive and/or extensive by including a background, contents, summations and conclusions in the introductory statement. One more additional remark worth adding is that the concluding statement is preferably inserted just before the paper’s short conclusion.

Using the reading and writing processes to enforce original and thought-provoking expressions

As the academic’s own body of work grows, there will never be any shortage of inspirational, thought-provoking and relevant ideas on what can be tailored into an appropriately worded expression. This short tutorial letter introduced new students to the idea of expressing their objective thoughts within the abstract. It also provided short descriptions of what is meant by an expression, what the abstract entails, suggestions on how to compose the paper’s abstract and motivations towards sourcing an extensive list of useful expressions to use.


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