Composing A Dissertation Title Page – A Comprehensive Guide

A title page is a mandatory part of your dissertation. Moreover, this is the first thing that your readers will pay their attention to. So, you should compose a well-formatted piece of writing with all the necessary elements. You can either use the following comprehensive guide or find a title page template on the website of your department.

How to Create a Dissertation Title Page – General Guidelines

The following guidelines will help you create a proper title page for your dissertation easily:

  1. Center the text both horizontally and vertically.
  2. Do not use a bold type.
  3. Do not include the page number.
  4. Write a full dissertation title.
  5. Indicate the name of your department and program.
  6. Provide your school’s name.
  7. Include your full name and the degree that you are applying to.
  8. Place the date at the bottom of the page which reflects month and year of your paper’s submission to your professor.
  9. Check whether you should include the name and title of your professor.
  10. Add a date of defense if necessary.

The aforementioned guidelines will help you organize your title page. However, visit your academic advisor to find out what font, spacing, and margins you should apply.

Where to Find a Well-Written Title Page Template – Quick Tips

The fastest way to finish your title page is to get a correct template and fill it with your information. The following places contain the best templates and samples that you can benefit from:

  • Your professor. In truth, this is the first place where you should search for a title page sample.
  • Your fellow students. They have completed dissertations with properly formatted title pages that you can use.
  • The website of your department or program. Usually, the website of your department provides useful templates and manuals for the students.
  • Your school’s library. There, you will get access to well-written assignments and how-to formatting manuals with examples.
  • A college writing lab. It is a good idea to use the resources of either online or offline writing lab where dozens of academic writing papers can be found, along with guidelines on how to create a perfect document.
  • A student chat or forum. Students create chat rooms where they discuss how to format different assignments and where to find reliable help resources.

After your title page has been completed, you should print it, proofread, correct mistakes and typos, and ask your professor whether it is ready for submission. Great tricks for writing a dissertation