Composing An Effective PhD Thesis Outline In 7 Simple Steps

Writing a PhD thesis is a complex project that will require a great deal of time and effort. It is easy to lose your line of thought when you work on something this big. If this happens, your task will become much more difficult. Therefore, you need to keep all your thoughts and ideas well-organized. To do this, you will need to compose an outline.

An outline is a plan of your work. It must be created when you are starting to work on the project so that you can use it to guide your research. You will also need to show it to your advisor. This way, the professor will be able to help you set the right course for your project and offer some helpful suggestions.

Use the following tips in order to create an effective PhD thesis outline:

  • Start with research.
  • Although this plan is supposed to guide your research, you will need to do some reading on the subject before you will be able to develop it. This will ensure that you understand the topic well, which is necessary for developing a good outline.

  • Make a multi-layered outline.
  • When you plan an essay, you only need to develop the crucial sections, such as introduction, conclusion, etc. A PhD thesis is much bigger and more complicated than an essay, so the plan you develop for it must be more complex. Use a multi-layered structure and develop plenty of sub-sections. The more detailed your plan is, the easier it will be for you to write the actual paper.

  • Write a draft first.
  • Just like with the paper itself, you need to start with developing a draft, which you will edit and polish to perfection. Don’t worry much about the things like logical order and details when you create the first “edition” of your plan. At this point, your main goal should be to list all of the ideas you have in mind. When you are done, start working on the text you have. It must be organized in a logical order so that all the sections are directly connected to each other and form the “bigger picture”.

  • Don’t forget that your outline is not set in stone.
  • They say no plan survives past five minutes on the battlefield. A PhD thesis may not be a battlefield, but this doesn’t mean that the plan you have for it must be rigid. Feel free to edit and adjust it when you write in order to incorporate new ideas you get. Great tricks for writing a dissertation