How To Write A Thesis In University: 10 Simple Tips

Writing a thesis is a distinct process from most of the other papers that you will write during your college career, not only because it is typically much longer, but because it involves doing primary and original research. Follow these 10 simple tips to write an excellent university thesis:

  1. Pick a narrow enough topic for it to be reasonable in the time and space you have
  2. Make sure that you’re not biting off more than you can chew. You may need to limit your topic to make it reasonable for the time you have for the project.

  3. Come up with a research question and craft a hypothesis to answer it
  4. Depending on what subject you are studying, you may only need a research question, or you may also need a hypothesis to answer it. Typically for the sciences you need a hypothesis that your research will be testing.

  5. Do some research at this point to make sure your question hasn’t already been answered by someone else
  6. It’s a good idea to do this before you get too far in the process.

  7. Write a detailed methodology before you begin your research
  8. It can be difficult to do this before you’ve actual started, but it will make the process much easier for you and make your research more valid.

  9. Put together a timeline for your research and stick to it
  10. This will help you stay on track.

  11. Use software to keep track of your sources
  12. You may have access to this software through your university, or you can use free versions like Zotero.

  13. Back up all your work
  14. Nothing is worse than losing all your work if your computer crashes.

  15. Don’t wait till you’re almost done writing to show your advisor
  16. It’s a good idea to get feedback early and often, so you don’t paint yourself into a corner and find out you have a problem when you’re almost done.

  17. Ask a friend or classmate to read an early draft and identify places where you need clarification or a more detailed explanation
  18. When you’ve been working on a project for so long it can be hard to tell what make sense to you because you know a lot about the subject, and what will make sense to someone who is less familiar with the subject.

  19. Go to your university’s writing center and have them proofread your final draft for you Great tricks for writing a dissertation