Writing A Dissertation Cover Page: Essential Tips And Tricks

The cover page of your assignment presents your project to the audience or the professor you are submitting it to. When you sit down to write a dissertation, you have to understand that each and every section in this assignment is critical. Even though cover page is a small portion of your paper, but you should pay attention to it because this is the first thing the reader will see in your paper. You have to make sure that everything in your paper is pixel perfect because your degree is dependent upon it. It is not essential to include a cover page in your paper in most of the cases but if you feel so, or if your teacher has instructed you, you should go ahead and write one following the given tricks and tips

  1. The first thing you need to know about the cover page is its contents. You do not have to include much in a cover page and only need to make little effort to do so. It is easy to compose a cover page because it only contains
  2. a) A title

    b) Author name

    c) Class information block

  3. The title will be simply the title of your paper in clear and bold words at the top of your page. You should centralize the title or make it bold but there is no other format you have to follow. The name of the author should come under the title; you have to write it in the middle of the paper below the title. The last thing in your cover page is the class information block. This is not one sentence rather you have to write all the class related information like your subject name, degree title, section, name of the institution, supervisor, date of submission and the publishing date
  4. All the text you write in your paper should be legible and clearly readable. You can use bold instead of regular font where necessary. You should make sure that the font size and style is easy to read and understand
  5. Do not include any images, tables or diagrams in the cover. It is usually better not to have anything on your cover else than above mentioned contents. However, if it is mandatory, you should not include more than two pictures on the cover. It is because the text on the page should be clearly readable

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