How To Create A Properly Formatted Dissertation Cover Page

Creating an outline and formatting your cover page is an extremely important step in the creation of high-quality and engaging dissertation project. There are some very specific requirements for this type of paper, but they will change and vary depending on your university and possibly even from professor to professor.

The following guidelines are meant to be a very basic shell to help you get started and make sure you do not leave out anything important – with that being said, be sure to consult the instructions given to you by the assigning professor or from your school in order to make sure you are following the exact title page specifications.

The Top Section of the Title Page

The position at the top of the title page is reserved for the sponsor or sponsors for your project. They should be given recognition first and foremost so make sure that the committee that is sponsoring your project gets a top center position on that first page where it will be noticed before anything else.

Format the top section by putting the longest line of text at the beginning and centered. The chairperson should be listed in this first line with the exception only if the line is too long to fit the margins. After listing the chairperson, you may list the rest of the professors in alignment with the top line and ¼ inch below the chairperson.

The Center of the Title Page

The center of the page should be dedicated to the title and topic of your dissertation. Make sure that your title is formatted in only capital letters and begins with the words “A Proposal for” or “An Abstract of”. The arrangement of the words should be center aligned and the longest line of text should be at the top and the lines below it must be increasingly shorter. The title should be exactly centered between the side margins.

Your name will be the next line under the title and usually spaced about 5.5 inches below the top of the page. It should be spaced away from the title by 2-3 blank lines.

Under your name with no spaces in between, you should put what your program’s official name is and specify your department and any other departments that are partnered or affiliated with your project.

The Bottom of the Title Page

At the bottom of your title page, you should put extra information that is relevant to you and your work on this project. This information may include your degree program, experience in the field, graduation year and the college you attend.

As stated above, this is the only information on the basic outline of a dissertation cover page so make sure to look up the exact specifications that your degree program and teachers expect from you. This will give you a good basis and place to start from but finding examples and getting a professor or sponsor to look it over for formatting errors is a great way to ensure that your project will be perfectly presented. Great tricks for writing a dissertation