What Are The Essential Elements Of A Great Dissertation Conclusion?

Many students are having problem create a brief, clear and quality content for dissertation conclusion. The conclusion is important because it gives an overview of the whole paper. There you can read the most important recommendations, results, and researchers. In the summarize of this last chapter of your thesis, you should show what you researched, your main arguments, what tools you were using, what you discovered and what pre-existing views were challenged.

So, what are the essential elements that you should remember while creating the conclusion page?

  • A clear and brief summary. These are the first important sentences of the conclusion. You should combine them in a few paragraphs with all important keywords. This will give a clear picture of what you’ve expected to see during your research.
  • Bullet points. Here you should write all reasons why this research on this topic is important for researchers and practitioners. Also, you should present the new knowledge or information discovered, that will help researchers with their projects in the future.
  • Recommendations for researchers. You should write several recommendations where you are explaining researchers why this topic is important and how they should implement in practice. You can also show them your ideas for areas of new information and data about the topic that is present in your dissertation.
  • Recommendations for future research. This is an essential element of the conclusion part because after you present the basic information and data on the given topic, now these ideas should be heard from researchers, companies, governments and hopefully implement in the practice.
  • A final paragraph. The last paragraph of the conclusion is the winning and closing part of the whole dissertation. Here you just write your final thought, quote or result.

While you are creating your conclusion page keep in mind that it should not be very long. It is recommended to be around five pages and no more than that. Also, following these essential elements will definitely help you to create a great and understandable conclusion page. However, while writing the conclusion, you should avoid long sentences and complicated words that can confuse the committee members.

Also, a good way to write your conclusion is to take notes of content while writing your thesis. In this way, you can have an overview of the whole content and it will help you during your conclusion.


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