Hints For Writing A Good Dissertation Proposal In Economics

A dissertation proposal is a paper that should be submitted to your committee before you start working on the actual project. If you’re required to write a thesis proposal in economics, you should ask your professor about the word limit and style that you should stick to. Usually, proposals are limited to one thousand words and written in the future tense.

What to Write about in Your Dissertation Proposal in Economics

  1. Provide the title.
  2. Come up with a working name for your paper. It should be short and clear. The wording of the title might be changed in your actual paper. There is no need for it to be catchy at this point, just informative.

  3. Provide the objectives.
  4. You should inform the reader about the main goals of your study. Make sure that you don’t have more than three. It’s also advisable to include the exact research question that you expect to answer in your paper.

  5. Provide the background.
  6. The next part is to write about schools of thought and study areas that you’re going to base your research upon. You don’t have to make the full list of sources at this point, just name the most influential ones.

  7. Provide the methodology.
  8. Write about the type of methodology that you’ve chosen for your study (empirical or non-empirical) and explain why this type is better considering your topic. Then, list the activities that you’re going to perform during your research.

  9. Provide the potential results.
  10. Don’t try to predict the exact outcomes of your study but rather summarize the type of results that you’re expecting to get. Indicate the target audience that will benefit from your research.

  11. Provide the timeline.
  12. You should state how long you’re going to work on your dissertation and describe how you’ll distribute your time. Make sure that your timeline looks realistic.

  13. Provide the bibliography.
  14. Lastly, you should make a list of sources that you’ll definitely consult during your research. The bibliography of your actual paper can contain more sources, of course.

Sources to Ask for Writing your Dissertation Proposal

If your writing skills are poor but you want to make a good impression on your committee, you may ask somebody else to compose your proposal. For example, you may approach a classmate who always gets high scores for writing academic papers. You may also hire a professional academic writer. It should be easy to find such a person on job boards. Check freelancers for trustworthiness before conducting deals with them, however.


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